Mark Solomon of Aural Histories

Mark Solomon founded Aural Histories in 2008. In the studio’s early days, Mark worked extensively on editing and sweetening web-based spoken word recordings, documenting live performances of local musicians in clubs and at music schools, and engineering and mixing demos.

After earning a Certificate in Sound Design at NYU-SCPS in 2009, Mark expanded Aural Histories to provide a full complement of post-production services to filmmakers, including sound design, sound editing, foley, V.O., and audio restoration. Soon his filmmaking clients began asking him to bring his skills to bear on the particular challenges of production sound, and he quickly became immersed in location recording and field mixing for film and television.

Mark regularly mixes sound on House Hunters Renovation, field productions for the Dr. Oz Show, Bloomberg, and the U.S. State Department Arabic language program, Al Hurra. He has also mixed sound for MTV, Viacom, Small Business Saturday, ExxonMobil, and feature and short films.